Advanced Bariatric Care

Brookdale’s Advanced Bariatric Care is a weight management program designed to treat individuals suffering with the disease of Morbid Obesity.  It is a medically supervised and highly specialized program comprised of a multi-disciplinary health care team consisting of Surgeons, Internists, Psychiatrists, Nutritionists, a Nursing Staff, Support Staff and a Program Coordinator.  This surgery is intended for the individual to lose a large percentage of excess weight, which in turn will reduce the complications and health risks associated with morbid obesity and enhance his/her quality of life.
At Brookdale patient safety and comfort is our number one priority.
Advanced Bariatric Care embraced this multidisciplinary team approach in May of 2002.  Since then we have counseled and safely operated on over one thousand individuals most of whom have kept their lost weight off.  Our surgical complication rate continues to fall below the national average due to our highly skilled and experienced bariatric surgeons.
Bariatric surgery at Brookdale is unlike any other.
We have made a firm commitment to treating the severely obese with respect and sensitivity.  The bariatric unit where our patients recuperate post- surgery is designed specifically with bariatric friendly equipment and supplies suited to our patients special needs.  The state of the art bariatric office which is located outside of the hospital campus is designed and decorated with home style furnishings to make our patients feel completely at home. And, our office staff is specially trained to make the patients weight loss experience unforgettable.

Advanced Bariatric Care Center

Flatlands Faculty Practice:

  • Frederick Amog, MD
  • Javier Andrade, MD
  • Stephen Carryl, MD


Comprehensive Nutrition Counseling

  • Jaqueline Aizen, RD


Call:  718-240-8446