Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I access my medical records?


Q. How do I get my birth certificate?


Q. Are my children allowed in to visit in the pediatrics department?


Q. How do I reach my doctor?

A. Ask the head nurse to contact your doctor for you during regular business hours. Most attending physicians make rounds each day and questions should be held until they arrive unless it is an emergency.


Q. I have a question about my bill or my insurance coverage.  Who can answer it for me?

A. Our Finance and billing departments will gladly answer your questions.  They can be reached at:


Finance: (718) 240-6326

Inpatient Billing: (718) 240-5771

Outpatient Billing: (718) 240-6361

Cashier: (718) 240-5513



Q. Where can I apply for a job?


Q. How do I send my resume?