Medical Education Clerkship

The psychiatry core clerkship is designed to introduce third year medical students to the discipline of psychiatry and enhance their clinical knowledge base and the skills essential to becoming a competent and well-rounded physician. With learning objectives based on Core Competencies, the rotation provides each student with a mix of inpatient, adult and child outpatient, consultation-liaison, and emergency clinical encounters.

Medical Education Clerkship

Stephan Carlson, M.D., ABPN
Director of Undergraduate Medical Education and Faculty Development
in Psychiatry

Educational Activities Include

A lecture series on adult psychiatry for all students based on the American Psychiatric Association’s Introductory Textbook of Psychiatry, Sixth Edition by Donald W. Black & Nancy C. Andreasen.
A lecture series on Child and Adolescent psychiatry based on the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) recommended guidelines for medical students.
An interview skill building program with opportunities to practice the psychiatric interview with real patients and receive feedback from assigned psychiatry resident mentors.
The expectation for independent study with self-directed learning modules (SDLM) approved by Association of Directors of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry (ADMSEP).
While the amount of psychiatric knowledge acquired by the student is undoubtedly reflected in his/her performance in the clinical arena and in many of the other planned learning activities, formative feedback is provided mid-rotation and at the end of the rotation, with performance summatively measured at the conclusion of the rotation by his or her medical school. Every student is observed and evaluated on interviewing, mental status exam, oral presentation and assessment and treatment planning skills.  We also provide an elective in Child and Adolescent psychiatry to fourth year medical students.
We look forward to having each student rotate through our department and hope that you consider psychiatry as a specialty. We currently have medical students from New York Medical College (6 weeks), Saba (6 weeks), Ross (4 week elective) and NYCOM (6 weeks) rotating with us. Physician assistant students from Pace University (5 weeks) and NYIT (4 weeks) also participate in the clerkship. We encourage you to look at Brookdale University Medical Center if you choose to continue your professional development in a psychiatry residency program.
“This rotation has been a great experience into the world of psychiatry and provided an ample amount of clinical experience. “Psych Jeopardy” was a lot of fun but also reinforced concepts we learned in didactics.”
3rd Year Medical Student, Saba University
“This rotation was difficult but rewarding and I am grateful because it set the stage for future learning as I have gained a solid foundation of the core concepts of psychiatric medicine.”
Physician Assistant Student, Pace University

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