Outpatient Services

The Department of Outpatient Patient Services and Ambulatory Care was established in 1971, and is now responsible for six Family Care Centers, the ACC, Dental and our newly established Urgent Care services.
The Family Care Centers offer a wide array of both primary and sub-specialty care. The services are covered by Attending and Resident physicians who follow defined panels of patients. Residents are supervised by board-certified Attendings who have broad experience in primary care.
The emphasis in the department is to ensure a patient centered experience that results in positive outcomes and non-fragmented care. In addition, we offer a full range of specialty clinics in the ACC. These clinics offer a rich learning experience in ambulatory patient care.
Through this wide diversity of programs and patients, house officers gain a broad insight into disease management, and the impact of psychosocial factors on illness.

Ambulatory Care & Outpatient Services

Vice President:  Denise Lear-Evans

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