Vascular Surgery

Our Vascular Surgery Division provides comprehensive vascular disease care that includes traditional as well as endovascular procedures of the arterial and venous systems. Over the past decade dramatic advances in the treatment of patients with vascular disease, and our highly skilled team has been at the forefront of those changes minimizing patient discomfort, faster recovery,  improving  outcomes and patient care.
Since we serve a large community there is a broad pathology treated in our institution: aortic and peripheral aneurysms, prevention and treatment of stroke, venous disease and their complications, and end stage renal disease patients providing permanent access and managing their complications.
Our Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory participates in the diagnosis and follow-up of patients with peripheral arterial, carotid artery and venous diseases, aneurysm, and venous imaging in ESRD patients.
Our team has developed advanced skills in the care of patients with arterial disease with critical limb ischemia utilizing endovascular techniques and successful revascularization can be accomplished in most instances with wires, balloons and or stents through small punctures sites.
Patients with advance End Stage Renal Disease are frequently referred for placement of permanent access; we can accelerate the maturation process by endovascular techniques decreasing the time and potential complications of patient with a temporary catheter.
In our offices we treat patients with advance venous insufficiency, varicose vein, ulcerations with endovenous closure and also the cosmetic component of venous disease.
Our philosophy is that only when a patient is evaluated by a health care team that can provide medical, conventional open surgical and minimally invasive endovascular therapy will that patient be guaranteed of receiving the most appropriate remedy for his or her problem.

Division of Vascular Surgery

Director:  Lucio Flores, MD, FACS, RVT

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